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    A Change of Diapers

    You have no choice but to permit me to gloat like a fat, drunken, lederhosen-wearing elf dancing in front of a cracklin' fire about the fact that the man variously known as "The One" and "The Messiah" has already faced seven* significant scandals regarding high-profile politicians in his demimonde.

    Last month at the ATL Gangbangers' M*A*S*H Unit I've never seen a medical establishment with metal detectors before that is formally known as Grady Memorial Hospital's emergency room, I heard one dark rhino of a female medical worker bellow out to another, "Inauguration Day's comin, baby! It's OUR time now!"

    Meet the new boss. More melanin and better at shooting hoops than the old boss.

    Yes'm, you could point to any epaulet-wearing ruler in any extant African country, and they'd ALL be far less corrupt than American politicians. Duh! That's a no-brainer! Only a racist would argue otherwise.

    Very few will believe that I sincerely wanted (and want) Obama to be a great president. There are few things I'd like more than if he actually were a new sort of politician. But for fuck's sake—this is a man who subtitled his autobiography A Story of Race and Inheritance but was brilliant enough to convince people he was a post-racial candidate. He repeatedly said his opponents would bring up his race during the campaign although they never did. He had much of the world believing that the election had nothing to do with race, although it's clear it was the only significant topic on the plate. This was a chance for every forward-thinking white person in America to expunge themselves of their warped-and-shattered historical guilt complex with the flick of a lever.

    Many of them responded with zombie-eyed, cultlike fervor to his election. Some went so far as to claim that the candidate of HopeTM and ChangeTM had singlehandedly eliminated the need for skepticism. Like hypnotized sheep, they all insisted that anyone who was remotely cynical about Obama's innate saintliness was, indeed, a racist.

    Barack Obama was born in Hawaii (or Kenya), grew up in Indonesia, was schooled in Massachusetts, and yet he chose the most corrupt city in American politics in order to start his political career. And still, because of race, many refuse (and probably still refuse) to admit that any of this might smell bad.

    To them, he is still an angel. An angel who surrounds himself with corrupt politicians, but an angel nonetheless.

    Because of race. Because black people couldn't possibly be human and thus subject to the same sort of moral frailties as those evil whites.

    A dozen years ago I published a book which insisted that history is far better understood through an economic prism than a racial one. The book was dismissed as racist.

    So what sort of ChangeTM can we expect?

    It's simple:

    Instead of a collapsing economy brought about by the soulless financiers of shady international land deals and stupid wars, we'll have a collapsing economy brought about by the soulless financiers of shady domestic land deals and stupid war movies.

    America, you deserve it for being stupid.


    *I keep having to revise the number of scandals. So far, we've dealt with Rod Blagojevich, Bill Richardson, Timothy Geithner, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, Judd Gregg, and Roland Burris.

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