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Once I rise from the muck and crawl into my long-awaited post-retardation phase in Web design, I'll figure out how to embed adorable little video players here so you don't have to click on a link that opens the video in a separate window.

As a Pretend Singer
In the Ghetto from the 1994 album S.W.A.T.: Deep Inside a Cop's Mind (2:59)
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee from S.W.A.T. (2:51)
A Tombstone Every Mile from the 1997 CD Big Red Goad: Truck-Drivin' Psycho (3:13)
Poor White Trash from the Big Red Goad CD (1:57)

As a Bad Person
My Accuser's Greatest Hits compiled from voicemail messages containing tender death threats made to me in early 1998 (4:32)
Radio Interview From Prison live from a phone booth in "the yard" at Oregon State Penitentiary in April 2000 (26:08)
The Sacrament of Penance (14:37)

As a Radio Host
Celebrating the Jew from 2001 Portland radio show Let's FIGHT! with Jim Goad (20:12)

Doing Funny Voices
"Red Sovine" Calls Sweet Gene from The "Sweet Gene" Calls CD, 2004
"Morty Feinberg" Calls Sweet Gene

Negotiating With a Sex-Industry Worker on sunny Skid Row (ADULTS ONLY!!!)
Teen Idol Robbie Benson Buys a Copy of ANSWER Me! for no discernible reason in the film Deadly Exposure (1993)
TV News Broadcast regarding ANSWER Me! #4 obscenity charges (1995)
TV News Broadcast regarding the White House Shooter who quoted ANSWER Me! (1995)
The Other Guests on "Politically Incorrect" shout over me because I'm too polite (1998)
Australian Talk Show Host John Safran beseeches my opinions about gender relations (2006)

As a Thespian
I'm an Asshole Street Thug in the film Brumski's (2009)
I'm an Asshole Cop in the film Two-Fisted (2004)

As a Fake Country Singer
Jackknife Memphis, July 2007
Got Leaving on Her Mind Memphis, July 2007
I'm a White Boy Portland, July 2007

As a Father
Zane Goad's Pigtail Walk Stone Mountain, GA, August 2009

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