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    Ex-Slaves Sue Dominatrix for Reparations

    EVIL SLAVEMISTRESS: Dominatrix Ruth Berman, a.k.a. “Duchess Esmerelda,” is being sued by several ex-slaves who claim that her barbaric treatment of them was even worse than what happened to black slaves in the American South.

    YAKIMA, WASHINGTON: The ex-slaves huddle outside the courthouse on this chilly, misty Friday afternoon. They wave picket signs, chant slogans, light candles, join hands, and sing spirituals. They are here for justice. For freedom. For equality. And they’re also looking for $1.9 million in punitive damages from the ruthless bitch who stole their life’s savings and robbed them of their self-esteem.

    The defendant in this groundbreaking civil lawsuit is Ruth Berman of nearby Kennewick, Washington. For over 11 years, Berman has been better known to the tricks and johns of the area as “Duchess Esmerelda.”

    Among her many clients, Berman gained a reputation as an austere, unforgiving dominatrix “who could make the Vice President eat shit out of a dog bowl.” In the lurid advertisements she placed in local smut rags, ads that invariably incorporated fascistic imagery, Duchess Esmerelda claimed that her services included “severe humiliation, infantilization and feminization, psychological and surgical castration, and general all-around ball-busting.”

    However, it wasn’t until a recent ad claimed she was “seeking male slaves” that Duchess Esmerelda ran afoul of the law.

    You see, slavery has been illegal in America since 1865.


    “I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE that in this day and age, slavery still exists in America,” says Max Fischlman, attorney for the plaintiffs. A hunched, bespectacled man who smells like rancid pesto sauce and whose balding head is partially covered with dry, wild shrubs of pubic-like hair, Fischlman will argue before the court that Duchess Esmerelda’s business, as well as those of most of the “tops” in the S&M/B&D sex-worker community, clearly violate the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment, which prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude.

    And, in the same way that many black leaders are urging their constituents to sue for reparations, Fischlman is goading the innumerable “bottoms”in the fetish community to renounce their so-called “masters” and  sue them for reparations.

     “But this isn’t involuntary,” I shoot back, ready to throw down if I have to. “This isn’t like old-time slavery. These people willingly pay to be enslaved.”

    “That’s what makes it so much WORSE,” Fischlman counters. “At least the old-time slaves got a free ride.”

    I had no comeback for him. The man was telling the truth.


    “SHE TOOK A POO IN MY MOUTH while I was blindfolded,” claims a man who asked not to be identified in this article (but whose name, driver’s license number, home address, and cell-phone number are available if you email me). He says he was one of Esmerelda’s slaves for over three years before Fischlman contacted him and urged him to join the class-action lawsuit against her. “It was the promise of a lot of money that unleashed all these memories I’d repressed after my sessions with Esmerelda,” the man says as we order corn dogs and lemonade from a food cart outside the courthouse. “She once stuck a cocktail straw up my wee-wee. She made me shave my testicles while I recited nursery rhymes. She attached weights to my armpit hairs and clipped battery cables onto my buttocks. Compared to all that, I’d gladly trade a little cotton-picking and a few lashes of the bullwhip. Those slaves from olden days weren’t shit. We’re the ones who take the real hardcore abuse. I want my money back, and I want my dignity back.”


    HUMAN BONDAGE IN AMERICA didn’t end with the Civil War. And what’s worse about the modern “S&M” slavery is that the slaves are actually forced to PAY for their punishment! It’s a human issue. It’s a sexual issue. It’s a political issue. It’s a get-involved issue. We need to end the slavery. We need to end the inequality. We need to drag everyone down to our level and learn to live in peace.

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