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    Click HERE for a list of the multinational, multicultural, multiracial, multicolored, progressive, enlightened, forward-thinking, backstabbing coalition of empowered people who assist me in the creation and maintenance of this website. :: financial $lavery

    Financial $lavery

    Inside a Creepy S&M Underworld Where Men Enjoy Getting Fucked Without Getting Fucked

    Hey, all you masochistic, self-loathing male worms who enjoy being battered and shat upon by dominant females--open up your wallets, 'cuz there's a newer, simpler, more thoroughly degrading game in town! Variously referred to as "financial servitude," "financial domination," or "financial slavery," it'll erase your self-esteem and bank account quicker than you can say, "Yes, Goddess."

    Basically, this is how financial slavery works:


    HIM: "OK."

    And that's it! That's all there is to it! The man allows himself to get fucked financially without the slightest promise of ever getting fucked physically. This is domination--and, in a broader sex, all "sex work"--distilled to its abusive, exploitive essence. There is not even the pretense of reciprocity. With regular sex-industry cash exchanges, as with most things on our unfair planet, one typically winds up getting less than what they pay for. But in this case, the sellers don't even pretend--part of their appeal is an insistence that you aren't getting anything tangible out of the deal. Traditionally, dominatrices at least give some kind of performance--they clamp nipples or step on throats or put out cigarettes on scrotums. They are at least required to do or say something before they collect cash. But with financial domination, the act of taking cash is the only work they have to perform. As one online financial-slavery dom puts it: "You pay me money, I give you nothing. Got it yet?" How fucking brilliant is that?

    Well, I suppose one could say the man gets something in return, if being called a faggot and a maggot and having your "tiny cock" endlessly derided is something you consider worthy of plunking down hard-earned dollars. And if it sexually excites you to reveal your darkest secrets to a calculating shrew who openly threatens to reveal these secrets to the WHOLE WORLD online unless you continue paying financial tribute when she demands it, then the bargain must be especially sweet for you.

    Financial slavery as it's practiced on a staggering number of websites strips away all promises and is refreshingly honest. Its practitioners openly threaten to "rape the wallets" of their "pathetic scum" clients, leading them to "financial doom" while Li'l Miss Goddess spends their hard-earned dough and laughs. "I don't care if you live in a cardboard box," writes one financial-slavery dom. "All lavish living is all for me and your ass will work hard so I don't have to!"

    Financial slavery is a perfect meeting ground for man-hating women and the self-hating men who love them. These sassy gals make clear their utter lack of sexual attraction for these men, indulging a systematic process of financial exploitation and "ego reduction" until all that's left of these guys' balls is a shiny pink nub. Derision. Scorn. Contempt. And the guys pay and pay for it. One dom's online "slave gallery" shows photos where a male financial slave poses nude, drinking his own piss and eating a bar of soap just as she instructed him via email. And her photo captions are mercilessly cruel. And he continues to pay her.

    I understand the incentive for the women, but what sort of man would this appeal to? Why, man? Why would you want to do this to yourself? Fuck, I have no respect for guys who pay for 51% or more of a date, but this is ridiculous. Masochism is not appealing in either gender, but it seems peculiarly disgusting and unnatural when indulged in by a man. So I absolutely, positively, resolutely, flat-out refuse to feel sorry for these saps. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who acquires brain damage after repeatedly hitting himself in the head with a hammer.

    I also bear some contempt for the heartless, shallow, predatory vadge-pits who suck financial balls dry for a living, but it's tempered by an admiration for their business acumen. It's hard to see what the downside is for the women. What a great way to make money. She DON'T work hard for the money. Nice work if you can get it!

    I need to come up with a scam like this, one even a tenth as clever as this one. For this first time in my life, I wish I were a woman.

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