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    In my long sojourns along the brackish, smelly wastelands of the WWW, I've found two types of obsessives that are far more pathetic than any other:

    1) Those who blame Jews for everything.

    2) Those who don't blame Jews for anything.

    In other words, some people taste Jews in the sandwiches they eat, while others suspect there are anti-Semites in their diet soda.

    Both sides seem to hate me, so I suppose I'm doing something right. I've been called a philo-Semite and an anti-Semite more times than I can count how many people died in the Holocaust.

    Those who blame Jews for everything have called me "insane" for, oh, not instantly realizing that the fake lesbian blogger from Damascus was a Zionist plot. When I comment admiringly that Jews have accomplished amazing things considering their numbers, I get accused of "groveling at the feet of Israel."

    But if I note that Jews have power and wealth disproportionate to their numbers—that's not a value judgment, merely a statement of fact that I can't see how anyone could deny with a straight face—I get called an "anti-Semite" by people who would stutter if you pressed them on exactly what constitutes a "Semite." And the very notion of "anti-Semitism" presumes some magical mystery soul-virus that coincidentally and inexplicably has infected the hive-brain of nearly every culture that has lived alongside Jews. As with "misogyny," it presumes that the person or group who's disliked couldn't have possibly done anything to earn it. Sorry, but I don't see things that simplistically.

    If I allege that Jews survived for millennia as a persecuted minority group via dogged cooperation and finding ways to divide their enemies who vastly outnumbered them, I get accused of saying they're "trying to take over the world." If I question why we hear about the Holocaust 100 times more often than we hear about the 30-50 million non-Jewish civilians who died in WWII, again I'm accused of wanting to hurt Jews—often by paranoid Jews who appear to assume everyone hates them as much as their religion teaches them to hate the Goyim.

    The other day I got an email that surprised me, seeing as it came from someone who seemed very liberal and couldn't possibly harbor such vitriol toward a historically persecuted minority:

    People dislike Jews is because they cry antisemitism anytime you disagree with them. 

    They make their wives shave their heads and pump out babies until their uterus falls out. But if you dare say "Hey, maybe that's creepy and abusive" you're antisemitic. Nice trick. 

    They are also racist as fuck. 

    Maybe it's just the ones I have known. I am fully prepared to say it's just the Jews I've known. 

    As for being intelligent, I think they are sociopaths. Every Jew I have known has had weird, cold families and mother issues. Two that I dated bordered on abusive, one was a complete sociopath and closeted gay. He  moved to Florida last year WITH HIS MOTHER who is retiring. He is 35. 

    He would talk at length about how Jews are smarter than everyone else. Meanwhile, getting his dick sucked through a glory hole at a mall in Paramus. 

    If people who are sociopaths tend to be CEOs, I'd say Jews are probably, as a rule because of the way their families are (in my experience), more ruthless and less emotional and loving. Which allows them to succeed in business. 

    Twisted shit. There is a reason they become comedians. 

    So now that I've finally figured out a way to enable comments on this site without enabling ex-girlfriends and jilted wannabe ex-boyfriends to pester me, I'd like to open the floor to discuss what is probably the Third Rail of American political discourse:



    (I just started with Disqus and need help figuring out how to make the comments specific to an individual article. The way it looks now, it's keeping every comment made on the site in the same thread.)

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