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    My Fave Screenshots From the KONY 2012  Video

    I'd mostly ignored Konymania until Friday, when the lisping voice of the KONY 2012 video was taken into psychiatric custody after running around naked and pounding on the pavement near the beach in San Diego. Now I'll be writing about it all for Taki's Mag on Monday.

    I'm always suspicious of grown men who toil in any organization with the word "Children" in its title:

    If you'll notice, there are no children in that picture. They are, for all intents and purposes, "invisible." That's possibly because Jason Russell may have eaten them.

    Because I am such a dedicated, diligent, punctual, tireless, and accurate researcher, I finally planted my ass down and watched the half-hour video twice. These were my favorite moments...


    White betas get funky with real-live Africans:


    Consciously invoking Godwin's Law:


    Unconsciously invoking Godwin's Law:

    A young and dedicated anti-Kony warrior masks his face so the evil pigs don't bust him for defacing public property with anti-Kony imagery...

    ...such revolutionary imagery includes murals of MLK, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Bob Dylan:

    Smarmy hipsters go to Washington and shake hands with politicians...

    At one especially inspirational juncture in the KONY 2012 video, alleged public masturbator
    Jason Russell speaks of rebuilding Uganda "using our time, talent, and money."
    This is what flashes on the screen when he says the word "talent":

    Jason shows us how the world is built. See all the evil money at the top?
    And what's that there down on the bottom? Why, it's "the people," that's who!:

    Despite having just blamed money for all that's wrong in the world, Jason asks for your money:


    Luis Moreno Ocampo of the International Criminal Court uses his giant eyebrows
    to dramatically underline what this is all about...using military force to help the "global community."


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