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    Thesaurus Synonyms for "Goad"

    Jim Goad Quotes ... With thousands of pages of published material, every good quote of mine apparently came from the same paragraph

    Jim Goad Literature Map ... See what other writers the people who read Jim Goad are reading

    People Who Kick Ass and Support Jim Goad

    The New York Press calls me a bad man

    Salon is disappointed that I don't seem very evil in person

    Female reporter is amazed that anyone likes me

    Goad Warrior ... to prove I have pectorals suitable for waging war, I pose topless for a gay columnist

    Luke Ford, easily the world's premier Nordic-looking converted Aussie expatriate Jew who writes about pornography, profiles me

    Fan of the guy with the unpronounceable name who wrote Fight Club interviews me

    Citizen Goad, a candid profile featuring the most sensationalistic lead paragraph ever written about me and, probably, anyone

    An interview by one of the SuicideGirls, none of whom, to my knowledge, has EVER committed suicide

    A podcast with a Satanist where I call myself "America's Favorite White Person (For Blacks)"

    I was flown down to Australia to claim on national television that chicks can be evil, too

    I am selected, in rhyme, as one of Portland's top "rogues" of the past 25 years

    English-speaking Scandinavian lavishes praise upon ANSWER Me!

    The shortest interview with me ever

    "I may give the edge to the Jews because I've known scores of hilarious Jews, and not too many funny Asians."

    "[Jim Goad is the] man who asks the questions that America is too scared to answer."

    "Jim recently - grudgingly - agreed to talk with Deek about his views on race."

    "We have a theory: Goad – and his writing – is viewed as extreme simply because his views are so…shall we say…moderate."

    The prison address is no longer valid

    Torn Between Two Bitches ... sooner or later, every "transgressive artist" inspires some bold, off-off-Hollywood playwright to try and "take the piss"

    Brief mention of ANSWER Me! in TIME magazine, leading a rational citizen to suspect I may be "extreme"

    Interview with STOOL magazine in 1994

    ARREST Me!: Jim Goad Talks About the Uproar in Bellingham, Among Other Things

    World-renowned free sex-club rag reviews the "Rape Issue" obscenity case

    Not Guilty Verdict in obscenity trial

    Asian-American zinester explains why I have redeeming value

    Negative review of ANSWER Me! leads to nasty email exchange between me and female zinester

    "It is all rather dark… At times humorous, Very ANGRY, and quite off in left field somewhere. This is deffinately [sic] not Goads’ [sic] best work."

    Opponent of "Ethnomasochism" gives a chapter-by-chapter review

    Old review. Is it just me, or is the name "Clark" always annoying?

    This loser goofball originally sent this page as an e-mail to me; since I never responded, he reprints the entire thing on his website as an "open letter"

    Art fag makes snide comments and retarded assumptions about the "White Trash Manifesto"

    Reviewer can't decide whether she's scared by the book or not

    Smarmy hipster critic struggles with their obviously deep and vast admiration for the book

    Even though I am not a Jew, I am compared to Lenny Bruce and Howard Stern

    Another review ... and another ... and another ... and another ... and another ... and another ... and another ... and another ... and, well, yet another

    Woman who reads odd books gets a positive feeling from my totally bummer opus

    White supremacist calls me brilliant but disappointing

    Portland Mercury gives a thumbs-up, which is surprising since, it's, you know, Portland

    I am too extreme for "Sleazegrinder," which, all things considered, would almost HAVE to be pretty FUCKING extreme

    "This entire book is gross and hilarious."

    "Offensive, hilarious and impolitic, this volume shows that the former convict has blossomed into the H.L. Mencken of the locker room."

    "Goad's savage wit is matched only by his enthusiasm...his decidedly un-P.C. take on all things sexual brings a welcome bit of pointed, occasionally venomous satire to the sex manual genre."

    People (and one place) that share my name

    Cameron Mitchell stars as "Jim Goad" in a 1959 TV episode of "Zane Grey Theater" [search "Goad"]

    Home Page of Musical Singing Group "The Goads"

    Go to the GOAD COMPANY for the finest in corrosion-resistant metal tanks and tank linings

    Jim Goad's face is obscured in 1915 photo of the Cash family

    In the mid-1800s, Jim Goad and Jasper Markham help tame the Illinois prairie

    Jimmy Goad's picture is featured from Little Rock Central High's Class of 1956 yearbook

    Jim Goad wears a sexy multicolored shirt and poses with his model plane

    My name is Jim Goad and my story is the same as most reptile breeders

    Map of Jim Goad Road in Lancing, Tennessee

    "AnswerMe!" är en seriös, alltigenom professionell tidskrift utgiven av Jim Goad och hans bolag "Goad to hell enterprises".

    "Som Jim Goad påpekar i The redneck manifesto väljer medierna i USA ofta att diskutera sociala och ekonomiska problem i termer av rasism och segregation för att slippa erkänna att det verkliga problemet är klassskillnaderna."

    "Pero Jim Goad también cuenta su versión de la historia."

    "Men vem är då Jim Goad, denne hatmånglare för 90-talet?"

    "En ny seriebok av undergroundikonen Jim Goad har kommit ut."

    "Je suis moitié raclure urbaine, moitié vermine rurale", balance Jim Goad au début de son "Redneck Manifesto".

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