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    It’s a sad and familiar story. A real story which countless American couples experience every day. A story which bears repeating here because we have fantastic news—“It doesn’t have to be that way!”

    Let’s hear the story one last time, with the hope that we never have to hear it again:

    You’ve worked hard all week, and it’s Friday night. You’ve been looking forward to an evening on the town with your special lady: drinks, dancing, a floor show, maybe some pancakes at an all-night diner, and then back home for a round of wonderful lovemaking and joyous physical intimacy.

    Yet despite all the forbidden acts she performs with you (including French, Greek, Roman, and even a hint of Belgian), and despite the fact that you paid for the drinks, dancing, floor show, and pancakes, there remains that “one thing” which she won’t do—and that’s swallow.

    She says it’s gross. She thinks it’s icky. She insists it’s unnatural and unhealthy. She says that none of her friends do it and calls you “sick” for even suggesting it. She even says she’s thinking about moving back to her mother’s house.

    In the past, you had no choice but to splooge all over her boobs, belly, or butt crack. Talk about gross! And all those paper towels get expensive. But now—”It doesn’t have to be that way!”

    There’s an exciting new product on the sexual-pharmaceuticals market which combines natural herbs and lots of chemicals to ensure that your semen delivers a LOAD OF HEALTH with every load you shoot!

    Read on, and when you’re done, tell HER to read it, too...

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    Sperm-Enhancing Tablet for Men

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