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    A Freaky Kind of Love

    The A-Z List of Paraphilias


    People are perverts, thus there are potentially as many paraphilias as there are things in the universe. The word "paraphilia" is derived from the Greek para, meaning "beyond," and phile, meaning "love." A paraphilia, therefore, is a way-out kind of love. It is typically considered abnormal or socially deviant, and faggoty "mental-health experts" consider it an impediment to "emotionally meaningful" relationships.

    According to David Rosenham and Martin Seligman, authors of Abnormal Psychology, paraphilias typically involve one of three categories:

    1) Objects not usually considered sexual;

    2) Sadomasochistic scenarios revolving around humiliation;

    3) Sex acts forced upon the unwilling.

    What follows is a list of individual paraphilias, followed by a very brief description. The list employs shorthand to avoid redundancy.

    Each ellipsis ( ... ) can be replaced by the phrase "sexual arousal through an abnormal fixation on." So when you see...

    NECROPHILIA ... the dead are to fill in the blanks inside your tiny pinhead and read it as: "Necrophilia is sexual arousal through an abnormal fixation on the dead." Got it? Good! I love you! I fixate on your crusty toenails and masturbate to the thought of them as you read this!


    ABASIOPHILIA ... crippled or physically impaired persons

    ABLUTOPHILIA ... bathing or otherwise washing oneself

    ACOUSTICOPHILIA ... sounds

    ACROPHILIA ... heights

    ACROTOMETOPHILIA or ACROTOMOPHILIA ... partners with amputated limbs

    ADELOPHILIA ... feigning disinterest in sex

    ACUCULLOPHILIA ... circumcision

    AGALMATOPHILIA ... naked statues and mannequins

    AGONOPHILIA ... partners who pretend they're being raped

    AGORAPHILIA ... the great outdoors, especially having sex in 'em

    AGREXOPHILIA ... others' knowledge of one's sex life

    ALBUTOPHILIA ... water

    ALGOPHILIA ... pain

    ALTOCALCIPHILIA ... high heels

    AMAUROPHILIA ... a partner whose sight is impaired either by darkness or a blindfold

    ANASTEEMAPHILIA ... a partner whose height is significantly different than one's own

    ANDROMIMETOPHILIA ... a female partner pretending to be a man

    APHEPHILIA ... being touched

    APOTEMNOPHILIA ... fantasizing about having a limb amputated

    ARACHNEPHILIA ... spiders

    ASPHYXIAPHILIA ... loss of oxygen through being strangled by oneself or one's partner

    AUTAGONISTOPHILIA ... having others see one's genitals incidentally or accidentally rather than intentionally

    AUTASSASSINOPHILIA ... exposing oneself to potentially fatal situations

    AUTOABASIOPHILIA ... fantasizing about being crippled

    AUTOASSASSINATOPHILIA ... fantasizing about being murdered

    AUTOGYNEPHILIA ... crossdressing

    AUTOMYSOPHILIA ... fantasizing about making oneself filthy

    AUTONECROPHILIA ... fantasizing about being a corpse

    AUTONEPIOPHILIA ... acting like an infant and/or being treated as one

    AUTOSCOPHILIA ... observing one's body, especially the naughty bits


    BASCULOPHILIA ... being rocked and cradled as if one was an infant

    BELONEPHILIA ... pins, needles, and other sharp objects, especially being pricked by them

    BIASTOPHILIA ... surprising and sexually attacking a stranger who resists


    CANIDAEPHILIA ... dogs

    CARPOPHILIA ... the feeding of fruits

    CATAGELOPHILIA ... being ridiculed

    CATHETEROPHILIA ... catheters and catheterization

    CHOREOPHILIA ... dancing

    CHREMASTISTOPHILIA ... being robbed or forced to pay blackmail money

    CHRONOPHILIA ... age discrepancy between oneself and one's partner

    CHRYSOPHILIA ... gold

    CLAUSTROPHILIA ... being confined or trapped in a tiny space

    COLPKINOPHILIA ... underdeveloped breasts

    COPROLALIA ... "dirty talk"

    COPROPHILIA ... touching, smelling, seeing, or eating poo-poo

    COULROPHILIA ... clowns

    CRUROPHILIA ... legs

    CYPRINOPHILIA ... slutty women




    DACRYPHILIA ... a partner's tears and/or the sight of a partner crying

    DENDROPHILIA ... trees, particularly as phallic symbols

    DERMAPHILIA ... skin

    DIAPHANOPHILIA ... see-through garments

    DISCINCTOPHILIA ... fucking while partially clothed

    DISHABILLOPHILIA ... undressing for people

    DYSTYCHIPHILIA ... accidents


    ECDYSIOPHILIA ... watching people strip

    ELECTROPHILIA ... electricity

    EMETOPHILIA ... puke

    EPHEBOPHILIA ... teenagers

    EPROCTOPHILIA ... flatulence

    EROTOPHONOPHILIA ... lust killing


    FLATUPHILIA ... the flatulence of others

    FORMICOPHILIA ... crawling things, especially when they crawl over one's genitals



    GERONTOPHILIA ... geriatrics

    GLUTOPHILIA ... buttocks

    GONYPHILIA ... female knees

    GRAOPHILIA ... geriatric women

    GYNEMIMETOPHILIA ... one's male partner impersonating a female

    GYNOTIKOLOBOMASSOPHILIA ... a woman's earlobe


    HAPTEPHILIA ... being touched

    HAMARTOPHILIA ... breaking laws or committing sins

    HARPAXOPHILIA ... being robbed

    HEMATOPHILIA ... blood

    HEBEPHILIA ... teenagers

    HIEROPHILIA ... sacred objects

    HIRSUTOPHILIA ... armpit hair

    HODOPHILIA ... traveling

    HOMICIDOPHILIA ... fantasizing about a partner or a stranger being murdered

    HOMILOPHILIA ... hearing or giving lectures

    HOPLOPHILIA ... weapons

    HYBRISTOPHILIA ... criminals, especially violent ones

    HYGROPHILIA ... bodily fluids




    KAINOTOPHILIA ... change


    KERAUNOPHILIA ... thunder and/or lightning

    KINESOPHILIA ... exercise

    KLEPTOPHILIA ... stealing

    KLISMAPHILIA ... enemas

    KNISSOPHILIA ... incense

    KOPOPHILIA ... exhaustion

    KOROPHILIA ... young males



    LACTAPHILIA ... milk-producing breasts

    LAVACULTOPHILIA ... staring at a person in a bathing suit


    MACROPHILIA ... giants and/or oversized objects

    MAIEUSIOPHILIA ... pregnant women, particularly those ready to drop


    MECHAPHILIA ... machines


    MERINTHOPHILIA ... being bound

    MICROPHILIA ... small things

    Mixoscopic Zoophilia

    MIXOSCOPIC ZOOPHILIA ... watching animals fuck

    MORIAPHILIA ... telling dirty jokes

    MYSOPHILIA ... filthy, soiled things


    NANOPHILIA ... short partners

    NARRATOPHILIA ... telling dirty stories

    NASOPHILIA ... touching a partner's nose

    NECROPEDOPHILIA ... young dead people

    NECROPHILIA ... the dead

    NEPIOPHILIA ... infant partner

    NEOPHILIA ... new things

    NORMOPHILIA ... acts considered normal

    NOSOPHILIA ... a partner's terminal condition

    NYCTOPHILIA ... darkness and nighttime


    OCHLOPHILIA ... being in a crowd

    OCULOPHILIA ... eyeballs

    OSPHRESIOPHILIA ... odors normally thought to be unpleasant


    PARTHENOPHILIA ... taking someone's virginity

    PEDIOPHILIA ... dolls

    PEDOPHILIA ... children

    PHALLOPHILIA ... giant cocks

    PHOBOPHILIA ... fear

    PHYGEPHILIA ... escaping or being a fugitive

    PICTOPHILIA ... sexual pictures or films

    PILIPHILIA ... hair

    PLUSHOPHILIA ... stuffed toys

    PODOPHILIA ... feet

    PSYCHROPHILIA ... being cold

    PUBEPHILIA ... pubic hair


    PUPPETOPHILIA ... blow-up dolls

    PYGOPHILIA ... buttocks



    RAPTOPHILIA ... fantasies of raping someone

    RHABDOPHILIA ... being beaten or whipped


    SALIROPHILIA ... ingesting someone else's sweat or spit

    SAPOPHILIA ... researching paraphilia

    SARCOPHILIA ... flesh

    SARMASSOPHILIA ... kneading flesh

    SCATOPHILIA ... eating jizz that has been ejaculated into an ass


    SOMNOPHILIA ... having sex with a sleeping stranger

    SPECTROPHILIA ... ghosts or mirror images

    STATUOPHILIA ... statues of naked people and nude mannequins

    STIGMATOPHILIA ... tattoos and scarification

    SYMPHOROPHILIA ... watching a disaster that one has caused



    TAPHEPHILIA ... being buried alive

    TELEPHONE SCATOPHILIA or TELEPHONICOPHILIA ... making obscene phone calls to strangers

    TELOPHILIA ... intercourse without foreplay

    THANATOPHILIA ... death

    TIMOPHILIA ... gold, money, and power

    TRAUMAPHILIA or TRAUMATOPHILIA ... wounds or traumas

    TRICHOPHILIA ... hair

    TAPHOPHILIA or TAPHEPHILIA ... being buried alive

    TRIPSOPHILIA ... being massaged


    UROPHILIA ... all things piss-related


    VACCINOPHILIA ... being vaccinated

    VELOPHILIA ... bicycles

    VICARPHILIA ... stories of other persons' exciting lives

    VOMEROPHILIA ... puke

    VORAREPHILIA ... cannibalizing someone or being eaten by them



    XENOPHILIA ... strangers or aliens

    XYROPHILIA ... blades and razors



    ZELOPHILIA ... jealousy

    ZOOPHILIA ... animals

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