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    Religion, Sex, & Taboo

    Religions are retarded for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that so many people believe in them. The surest way to prove a belief system is false is to offer evidence that a lot of people accept it as true. Most people wouldn't know truth if they were beaten to death by it, and few would know how to be an individual if you stranded them on an island all by themselves. Groups are, by nature, superstitious and stupid. All human social factions worship around the dual thrones of patently obvious falsehoods (the "sacred") and obviously illogical prohibitions (the "taboo").

    The taboo is the glue that holds societies together. All groups, no matter how outré or "edgy" they consider themselves, are hopelessly infected with the Taboo Germ. This holds true whether the group defines itself as a "religion" or an enlightened alternative to religion. With every taboo that gets killed at the roots, a fresh taboo grows in its place. Boner-wilting new folk religions masquerading as "social movements" are no better than the caveman religions: The Divine Temple of the Anti-Racist Lynch Mob and The Pap-Smeared Church of the PMSing Sex-Positive Goddess are as punch-drunk with dumb rules and bloodthirsty group idiocy as the granddaddies of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.

    But let's give props where they're due. The ancient Hebrews are thought to be the first religious culture to equate sex with sin. The first thing Adam and Eve decided to do upon being ejected from Eden was to blush at their nakedness. Of the 36 crimes for which Mosaic law mandated the death penalty, 18 of them pertained to sexual transgressions.

    To this day, Orthodox Jews make a big hoohah about the alleged spiritual impurity of menstrual blood. The tiniest droplet of Vaginal V-8 is enough to taint anything upon which it alights. At the end of a Jewish woman's cycle, she must undertake a ritual "cleansing" immersion, and everything she touched during her period is to be burned. In one tradition originating in Eastern Europe, a Jewish girl's mother slaps her daughter in the face upon hearing of the girl's first menses, undoubtedly harshing the teen's mellow. But the Jews are not alone in demonizing Aunt Flo: Followers of everyone from Muhammad to Zoroaster feel much the same way. In fact, even the word "taboo" is thought to be derived from the Polynesian tupua , meaning "menstruation."

    The Hebrews hated homos, too: Leviticus 20:13 prescribes the death penalty for the "abomination" of hot, steamy, guy-on-guy sex.

    The Christians eagerly picked up the homo-hating baton: Romans 1:26-27 alleges that God condemned "men...[who] burned in their lust one toward another."

    But a big "hats off!" to the Muslim world for taking homo-hatin' to lofty absurdist extremes. According to one Muslim cleric's proclamation, "When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes....Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to." According to another, "You should know that being murdered by a man is better than having homosexual intercourse with him." To this day, homo behavior is illegal throughout the Islamic realm. At least a half-dozen Muslim nations warrant the death penalty for faggin' off. In Iran alone, an estimated 4,000-plus men have been put to death since the 1979 revolution for, as the kids like to say, "mixing the smells of anus and hummus."

    One must not forget those zany Christians, whose literary giants are repressed ballsacs such as St. Paul and St. Augustine. Christ's sheep are no slouches when it comes to sex-hatred. For nearly 2,000 years now, celibate psychopaths have pushed their noses WAY up the asses of sexually functional, relatively well-adjusted peasants, resulting in hatred, violence, stake-burnings, and Catholic girls who French-kiss better than anyone on earth. Perhaps no other religion describes "immorality" in such purely sexual terms.

    You were born free of taboos. It takes a society to smack them into your head. Taboos are social-engineering scams designed by unscrupulous, shifty characters who intend to rob you of your vital energies and cram you into a steel pigpen with other mindless swine. Religion exists to siphon away your sexual mojo in exchange for the promise of a Divine Orgasm that never comes. There's always been only One Way to heaven, and it's right between your legs. Your body, as disgusting as it might be (to me, at least), is the only temple you'll ever have, the only cosmos you'll ever know. This is as good as it gets. You get nothing more. That stinking, slimy, rutting act--however you enjoy it, you perverted slugs--is nature's best and only gift to you. With that in mind, squires and maidens, I urge thee to obey the One True Law: Do what thou wilt, but try not to get caught.

    Fuck religion. Fuck taboo. Fuck society. Fuck you, too, while you're at it. All you'll have left is to fuck, and there ain't a fucking thing wrong with that.

    Copyright © 2018 Jim Goad  ::  The World's Bravest Man

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