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    A Midsummer Night's Yard Sale

    Anyone who knows Yours Truly knows that Yours Truly loves, loves, LOVES the summer weather and is a fag, fag, FAG about the cold weather. Therefore, instead of picking through all the tangled Perl and Javascript and CSS and Joomla! files to update my site, I've been hang-gliding, rock-climbing, mountain hiking, jet-skiing, parasailing, white-water rafting, bungee-jumping, snorkeling, and scuba-diving.

    I've also been busy writing for another site, Here are feature articles they've already published:

    The Big Greene Monster

    Costner & Kutcher to, Like, Fix the Oil Spill

    Where Kleagles Dare

    Justice Department Lets New Black Panthers Roam Free

    Planet Islam

    I also FINALLY went and fetched my remaining earthly belongings from storage in Limerick, PA. I hadn't touched most of these dusty old boxes since moving them from Portland in 2005. Aside from a lot of old clothes, cassettes, VHS tapes, and knickknacks, here's what I unpacked:

    • Publisher's advance proof copy of The Redneck Manifesto (3 copies)

    • Publisher's advance proof copy of Shit Magnet

    • 3 original copies of Chocolate Impulse (the total run was something like three dozen)

    • The original waxed art boards that produced ANSWER Me! 1-3

    • Original film negatives that produced the covers for ANSWER Me! 1-3

    • Nine complete sets of the original printings of ANSWER Me! 2-4, and five copies of Issue 1

    • Three copies of the original 1996 printing of The First Three with Coop cover art

    • Original copies of numerous magazines in which my articles appeared

    • One copy of the Let's FIGHT! With Jim Goad CD

    • A few blue-vinyl 45s of me singing "In the Ghetto" from the S.W.A.T. album

    • Two cassettes of the S.W.A.T. album, still in shrink wrap

    • One Trucker Fags in Denial coffee mug

    • About a dozen Trucker Fags in Denial condoms

    NOTE: I only made these items available for a few days in July, 2010. They are no longer for sale.

    If, for any reason, you should wish to purchase signed copies of any of these items from me, email me a bid, and maybe I'll deal. Don't inquire about how much I'd take for a certain item, because Homie don't play that—name an actual, literal, specific price for a specific item, and if I like what you're throwin' down, I may be soon coughing up that item into your sweaty little paws.

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