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    The Browning

    Whitebread America is Toast

    A paper released in early March predicts that 2010 may be the year in which nonwhite births outnumber white births for the first time in US history.

    "White" is, of course, a relative term, and the study in question doesn't include Hispanics under its Big White Tent. In fact, it's the highly race-concious Spics who are squeezing out fetuses much more rapidly than the crackers, 'groids, slopes, and everyone else.

    Do not fear me or what I am about to say. I am here to strengthen the ties that bind. It is my sincere belief that of all people on this planet, I am the only man alive who can bring everyone together. I mingled with and attempted miscegenation with nonwhites long before it became fashionable and eons before it became compulsory. I have taken great pains and spent several years doing field research to establish that poor black people understand me better than affluent white people do, so I approach this topic with a rare degree of compassion and insight.

    This morning I left my pearly-white wife and blue-eyed son at home in our 86%-black 'hood as I headed to work. I listened to the Jew Neil Diamond on the radio and stopped for some Southern "country cooking" grilled up and served for $2.99 by a Chinese woman and her slant-eyed husband. At work, I mix in smoothly with Colombians and Ecuadorians and Guyanese and Cameroonians and Ethiopians and Jews and even black Americans who call each other "brother" without fear of being deemed racist. So it's not as if I have a problem getting along with "people of color." For the most part, I get along better with them and respect them more than I do modern white Americans.

    I realize that many of you are ecstatic to the point of auto-orgasm at the fact that whites are becoming an American minority. You exult in some sick, primitive, religious notion of karmic retribution and chickens coming home to roost. You believe—or more properly, you have been persuaded—that white supremacy is mankind's primary enemy and that this rumbling you hear as America's demographic tectonic plates shift is actually the loudly joyous sound of a New Era of racial harmony and all-around slap-happy get-togetherness.

    Without much more than a wing and a prayer, you are convinced that nonwhites are not prone to, nor even morally capable of, ethnic violence or tendencies toward unfairly favoring their own "kind.” You think a sudden interracial orgy will erupt, permanently breeding out all discernible ethnic differences and creating an oatmeal-colored Unitribe who feels as if they've "been there, done that" regarding ethnic tension and that the very topic of race is SOOOOOOOOOO 1965.

    Good luck with all that.

    I'm not so hopeful. I believe the current conditions point more toward catastrophe than harmony.

    Here's why:


    White Americans are forbidden from expressing ethnic pride—or, at the least, there's a grudging tolerance of specific national pride such as being Irish, but NEVER just being "white"—while all nonwhites are free to bask proudly in their genetic juices, general or specific, without fear of being labeled bigots. Social double standards are dangerous and never lead to unity. Either everyone should be discouraged from expressing ethnic pride, or everyone should be allowed to express it, no matter how moronic or distasteful it may appear to others. I'm in favor of the latter. But for the time being, it looks as if whites are the only ones who got the memo that we're supposed to be going "post-racial."


    Multiculturalism demands we celebrate the fact that the only thing we have in common is that we have nothing in common. This post-racial utopia we've been promised has been warmly embraced as irrefutable social science, although I haven't seen a sliver of evidence to support the idea that this will work or has ever worked in the past. I haven't been shown any solid examples of poly-ethnic, poly-lingual, poly-religious nations that have been, as the environmentalists like to say, “sustainable” for long periods. The historical record tends to show that these are preconditions for a nation falling apart rather than staying together and that unity tends to be a much stronger adhesive force than diversity. In fact, the most comprehensive study I've yet to see on the subject revealed that ethnic diversity makes people less happy and weakens communities rather than strengthening them.


    I don't see anyone saying that Venezuela needs more Swedes or that China needs more Belgians, but I hear a lot of people screaming that Western countries need to spread their legs open to non-Westerners. Yes, you can say we're a "nation of immigrants" from one side of your mouth, but the other side's bitching that those immigrants have been far too white for far too long. There's even some speculation that white Europeans may have occupied North America ten millennia before Columbus ever stubbed his toe on it.

    But if, in fact, white immigrants only arrived here after Columbus and it was wrong for them to overwhelm the cultures that occupied this land, why is it suddenly a good thing that another process of genetic displacement and culture-dispossession is occurring? Two wrongs don’t make a right, at least not according to the rules of logic. And for all the bitching you hear about the evils of white majorities, 21 of the top 22 nations on the UN's "Quality of Life" scale are majority-white, so they must be doing something right.

    Why, then, is it considered insane to challenge the party dogma which strains to assert that making these nations less white will lead to improved living conditions? Why is it deemed a thought crime even to ask?

    Throw away the peace signs and rainbow flags and take a serious look at evolutionary social psychology and the competition for resources. I believe people are hard-wired to be tribal, which is why the government spends so much time and pays so many ideological-marketing experts trying to rewire you.

    I believe that whatever used to be our "common fabric" is now in tatters. I anticipate that in America, every color in the rainbow is headed for some mighty rough times. And more than anything, I hope I’m wrong.

    Like I said, I know how to get along when I want to, but I’m not so sure about everyone else. I don't plan on antagonizing anyone because they're different from me, but neither will I lie down like an obedient white lamb in case I get antagonized. Try touching me or my blood, and I'll kick in your fucking skull.

    Sounds fair to me.

    Do we have a deal?





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