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Put your money where your lisp is, Ames.

Why, fancy this! A Trust Fund Class Warrior who pussied out of a debate with me a year ago yet who's continued to write about me repeatedly over the same year--while I haven't written about him since early March of last year when it became evident he was too much of a coward to defend his words--continues writing about me! All while claiming I'M the obsessed one!

Like a magical pixie going "poof!" in the mid-afternoon, Mark Ames appears to have vanished from his part-time MSNBC commenting gig. Perhaps the giant media corporation whose megalo-monstro-giga-goppa-loppa-oligarchical energy-behemoth owner GE pays no income taxes while preaching a soak-the-rich agenda figured it's not smart capitalism to sponsor a trust-fund sex-tourist ephebophile who in his thirties bragged openly about fucking a fifteen-year-old:

When this was brought to the world's attention, Mark "We'll Fuck Your Kids" Ames, who shows signs of being a smidge angsty that he's turning 47 this autumn, bumblingly tried to play it off as "satire," even though the above passage was written in his own name in a book whose title page said "This is a work of nonfiction" and that all the events depicted in it are real:

He also didn't challenge the passage's authenticity when the Chicago Reader made a point of it back in 2000.

This Richard Simmons of wannabe gonzo journalism, possibly brain-damaged from years of self-admitted amphetamine use, also shot himself in his gated-community scrote when he tried using the same pathetically transparent alibi after it was brought to the Western world's attention that in the Moscow Times of 6/24/2000, his ex-associate Owen Matthews said Ames is a rapist who wasn't brave enough to own up to it:

And here's his description of the "hilarious" rape that his ex-associate clearly states Ames didn't have the balls to own up to:

Suddenly, after a dozen years, that, too, became "satire." See, in the Moscow Times, when his ex-friend wrote that Ames didn't have the balls to own up to being a rapist, it was all, well, satire, OK? I mean, how many times does that have to be explained?! (Unfortunately, there appears to exist no audio of his purported rape victim crying and bleeding. As consolation, enjoy this MP3 of my frail and helpless victim's cries for mercy.)

Imagine the tweakily tortured world of a failed scribe who has all this spare time to write about me--again and again and again and again--yet who runs away with his curled-up frat-boy tail between his legs when challenged to meet me face-to-face in order to defend the dozens of inaccurate and apparently purposely false statements he's made about me over the past year. And on top of that, he accuses others of cowardice:

How par-for-the-course of you to call someone a coward when they're dead. A "classic coward" is someone who takes shots and then hides. That's YOU, Ames. You're the lisping, mincing bitch who's been running for a year, all while taking cheap shots and then hiding from a fair confrontation with me in a moderated debate in front of a crowd. Your entire world...from the phony 'n' cheesy Marxist class war you're fighting in your born-bourgeois the fact that you're financed by a billionaire oligarch who tells you to accuse others of being financed by billionaire the repeated accusations of your enemies' saying a writer 1000 times more famous than you "looks like a sex offender"...and apparently stalking me to accuse me of stalking a Trust Fund Disneyland of projection.

Lately he's taken to accusing me of sending him numerous emails and leaving comments on his website. That's quite an accusation--care and try to prove this latest lie of yours, Mr. Glitter? When you fail, I'll drag out all the stalkery shit you've sent me over the past year. You know exactly what I'm talking about. One huge gaping flaw about your Kathy Bates analogy: In Misery, the Kathy Bates character wasn't more famous than the James Caan character, nor did she sell more books than him. (Is it cruel of me to make fun of the logically handicapped?)

Mark Ames is obviously a scorned ex-fan of mine, or else he wouldn't have used ANSWER Me! clipart in the eXile nor shamelessly plagiarized my serial-killer "Legend" from ANSWER Me! #2 for his "Death Porn Legend" in the same paper. It's no coincidence that his writing has repeatedly been compared to mine. (For example, HERE and HERE.)

Baby Mark, you're the one who grew up in a protected bubble. You're the one who can't handle people fighting back. You don't have the fucking honor to defend your own words nor the courage to face me. Yet you still take shots and then hide in a foxhole. Try doing it in person, you delusional fellatrix of George Soros's scaly pterodactyl cock. Pretty fucking stupid for such a proven coward to talk so much about bravery.

So what'll it be? I'm sure your lawyer daddy can tell you there can be legal consequences for showing a reckless disregard for facts when you write about someone. I haven't done it once. You've done it dozens of times. The article Breitbart did about you was a toilet-paper-roll-length list of your continual journalistic fuckups. He may be dead, but before he departed this vale of tears, he took a big shit on your face that you'll never be able to wipe off. TRUTH TO POWER, brah!

(Check for updates about his uninterrupted streak of cowardice, projection, and any possible remedial speech therapy on my Facebook page.)



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