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The Bomb Inside My Brain

The Bomb Inside My Brain

All heart, no politics this time around. Four dozen gut-ripping, heart-stomping, mind-stabbing essays about brain surgery, heartache, broken friendship, family alienation, drugs, religion, PTSD, and fatherhood. More raw emotion than you’re used to from the man his friends call the Iron Marshmallow. This bleedingly personal collection starts off with what Jim considers to be the best thing he ever wrote by FAR—“Ode to Bucky Goad,” the harrowing life story of his deaf brother who was murdered in Paris. Chapter titles: Ode to Bucky Goad • Blood Is Thicker Than Logic • Born Spastic • The Bomb Inside My Brain • Why You’re Dead to Me • Boys Don't Cry • I Hate Your Happy Family • The Bad Mom • Combat Training for Toddlers • 10 Commandments for My Son • Uncle Juney and Aunt Marion • Love Among the Damaged • Slow-Dancing in Wheelchairs • You Didn’t Mean That? Yes, You Did • Why I’m Now Against Abortion • Teenage Jesus Freak • Fuck You, Father Jones • The First Time I Got High • Why I'm an Agnostic • Serenity Now! • Talking to My Father While Tripping Balls • Acid Beatdown • Where Has All the Angel Dust Gone? • No Need to Die Twice: Why I’ll Never Do Ketamine Again • Doin’ Propofol and Lovin’ It • Madman of the Catskills • Better Dead Than on Meds • Sometimes I Don't Feel So Bad When an Ex-Friend Dies • When People Love Animals Too Much • Pug Fag • Why Pit Bulls Are the Best Kissers • Feeding the Nutria • Don't Fuck With the Masons • You Meet the Nicest People in Prison • The Only Convict Who Couldn't Get Into Australia • A Small Sip of Success • Halloween in Da Hood • Shout at the Jersey Devil • The Sweetest Man Alive • My Penis Is Better Than Yours • Toss Another Bag of Coal on the Christmas Fire • A World Without Politics$13, 5x8, 285 pages

Jim Goad's Group Hug Sticker


Can you imagine a better way to celebrate the beneficent wondrousness and nonpareil hlilarity of Jim and JB Beverley's weekly podcast than to rustle yourself up some shiny promotional stickers and plaster them all over your small-minded town—provided it's legal, of course, or at least if nobody's watching? Coming soon: VIDEO version of Group Hug! AVAILABLE NOW FOR PREORDER—EXPECTED SHIPPING DATE SEPTEMBER 1, 2019.$2, 3x3, weatherproof vinyl

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In 50 short, sharp, incisive essays, Jim Goad examines why the idea of being white has become the modern version of the unpardonable sin. Pssst—white people. There is no shame in being white. There is only shame in ever thinking there was.$14, 5x8, 350 pages

The New Church Ladies

The New Church Ladies: The Extremely Uptight World of Social Justice

Jim uses weaponized words, violent rhetoric, debunked and discredited pseudoscience, and shocking, unforgivable hate speech to explain why the people who are always fighting “hate” are the most hateful jerkoffs on the planet.$13, 6x9, 216 pages

The Redneck Manifesto

The Redneck Manifesto

A thoroughly reasoned, darkly funny, and rampagingly angry defense of America's most maligned social group -- the cultural clan variously referred to as rednecks, hillbillies, white trash, crackers, and trailer trash. Worth the cover price for the chapter on white slavery alone.$17.99, 5.5x8.5, 274 pages



An oversized, jaunty, glossy, full-color compendium containing over 100 articles and essays regarding biological sexual freaks, self-pleasuring, prostate massage, fellatio, nocturnal emissions, rock-star schweens, vaginal odor, shower nozzles, catfights, and blumpkins. Divided into four sections: FAKE, REAL, PERSONAL, and OPINION, all of it laid out garishly by Jim in ANSWER Me! tabloid style.$25, 8.5x11, 224 pages

Trucker Fags In Denial

trucker fags in denial

Two lonely, aging, bitter male truckers go on a murderous anti-gay rampage while having sex with one another—and somehow justifying it all in their heads. Brilliantly illustrated in gruesome and hilarious detail by Jim Blanchard.,$10, 8.5x11, 32 pages



A meditation on guilt and scapegoating in the guise of an autobiography. Writing from prison, Jim covers the endless scandals in his life, both personal and professional, with an eye on how people use the concepts of guilt and “evil” as a shield to inflict damage on one another.$16.95, 6x9, 320 pages