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I've just been obsessing over you the last couple of days. So I suggest that if you don't want me to call you and bother you that you quit calling me, because that's the kind of person I am, very obsessive. And you are my latest obsession.
—3:53 AM, May 26, 1997

I’m like the woman who stalked David Letterman with you! I’m sorry, that’s how I feel. You’re IT. So, you know, that may not be what you wanted to hear, but I am that much in love with you, to the point where I am devoted for the rest of my life.
—1:18 AM, Monday, July 28, 1997

I feel very intimidated by you still, and I'm used to being the one in charge, and  being in control, and being the smartest one, and you're smarter than me, you're  stronger than me, and it's just—I don't like that.
—1:38 AM, Tuesday, Sept 2, 1997

I want to fucking castrate you, I want to stab you a million times all over your fucking....So, I hate your guts, and I'm going to kill you, and I don't care what happens to you or your fucking wife, and I hope you die.
—1:02 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1997

I hate your FUCKING guts and I want to RIP YOU APART and DESTROY every  fucking living cell in your body. I want to CRUSH YOU and take tweezers and pull  out your FUCKING NIPPLES, and cut you up into a million pieces and scratch out  your eyes and I want to chop off your FUCKING HEAD.
—8:13 PM, Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Hi, it's me, and I was just saying it might be necessary, ASAP, for you to take out  some restraining order against me. Seriously, Jim, I'm infected with you...I don't  know any other way to describe it. I can't get over this, I can't wash it off me, I'm  insane, that's all I can think about, I am so obsessed and possessive of you...I'll go to extreme lengths to capture you, you better restrain me, and we both know what I'm capable of. I mean you've threatened to call the police many times, so let's get this filthy rotten piece of garbage out of your life once and for all.
—10:13 AM, February 6, 1998

It’s like a one-way street, and, um, of course you’re not in love with me like I am you....Of course, when I have nothing left in this whole fucking world except for you, I’m going to want to try to destroy you when you destroy me!
—March 16, 1998

Tight, sneering voice] Hi, lovey-dovey who always wants to be near me and would never cheat on me, you fucking asshole. You better be there in 20 minutes, or a fucking rock is going through your landlord's fucking window. And if you ain't there, I don't care. If your landlord lets me in, I'm throwing away, every hour that you're  gone, I'm throwing away all your  ANSWER Me! magazines, all your letters,  destroying your house, and this ain't gonna be a fun night for you, boy, cause I'm  not in a good mood. And I'm destroying everything you fuckin' own. So you can even have the cops there, because I'm not gonna play quiet when you're not there, in 20 minutes. You're having a rock through your fucking window. And if your fucking landlord doesn't answer the phone, or lets me in, then I'm destroying every single  possession you own. So be there in 20 minutes or get FUCKED!
—7:39 PM, March 22, 1998

Did she come by and pick you up? How sweet! Listen, Goad, I know for a fact that you're not home. I've just been all around your fucking house, the whole perimeter, I've surveyed it, the inside, and out, and I couldn't get on your roof but I rang the chimes, I know for a fucking fact that you're not there, buddy, the game is up, so get  your stuff, have her drop you off, cause I ain't leaving the premises.
—8:44 PM, April 11, 1998

Darling, where are we at, the Farmhouse? Ah darling, you know what? I ain't gonna wait for that olive branch, cause I don't want it. You know what I was hoping for? That it would be you. But it's not, and you have destroyed my dreams....You are going to dispose of me... and you're not going to be able to get rid of me so easy. There's going to be...somebody's going to wind up dead, whether it's me or you. And don't think, [laughs] that I won't find a way. Don't think, for even a second, that  you can get away. And I wouldn't be very sloppy about it, believe me. If you hurt me bad enough, you will be fuckin' blown to fuckin' pieces. You will be assassinated. And there is no way, unless you never want to make a public appearance again, that that's going to...ah...uh, I'm going to follow you, I'm going to find out where-you are a fuckin' famous personality. I'm going to find out where you are, and I'm going to blow your brains to fuckin' smither-fuckin'-reens!...Your head-it's going to be out of this fucking universe. Your head's going to be blown to fucking shreds. You better pick up the fucking phone.
—8:29 PM, April 13, 1998

I am such a masochist—I really want to go to jail, so please hand this tape over to the police and tell them I'm calling you, I'm violating the restraining order, it's 10:15pm and I really really really need to go to jail. So, have them over here as soon as possible, ‘cause I'm ready to go back, ‘cause I have nothing to do on the outside. So, if you could do that for me, love of my FUCKING life, I would really appreciate it. I really want to go back there. And that way you could just fuck your brains out and have no problem, you know, with what's going on, even though I'm working on your goddamned BIRTHDAY present right now. I can't stay away from you, I'm gonna have to be behind bars, so go ahead, and do what you will, Jim Goad.
—10:18 PM, May 6, 1998

I told your wife not to trust you, and that you're going to talk shit behind her back up until the day she dies and after she dies and before she dies....And just like I said on the bus, I kinda woke up and just punched you in the face about ten times because you deserved it, you fucking prick....Your karma is going to come back to you tenfold, man. You've got so much shit coming to you....your ego is through the roof, and the day that your wife dies is going to be a cold day in hell for you, buddy. And you know what else, too? I'm going to stick around on this earth just like I decided for my father, because I'm fourteen, fifteen fucking years younger than you, and no matter what I'm going to take care of myself, too, man, I'm going to outlive you, man, and I'm going to dance on your fucking grave.
—3:59pm, May 28, 1998

Um, you can do everything you want by the way and it still won't shut me up. You ain't going to shut me up, no matter what. And I'm going to do tons of zines about you....You can send me to jail, and I'll get out, and I'll still do my zines, and you are going to be're UGLY on the inside-out and your karma's gonna come back and you're gonna age, you're gonna wither away, you're gonna die in the ground.
—4:06PM, May 28, 1998