the encyclopedia of race

A long time ago, I promised (threatened?) that ANSWER Me!'s fifth issue would be all about race, but for reasons which should be obvious, I've retired the ANSWER Me! name.

This book, however, will adopt the same encyclopedic breadth and tabloid-style graphics which characterized ANSWER Me!'s issues on murder, suicide, and rape.

The Encyclopedia of Race is a generic title for something to which I might eventually give a more colorful name such as Wide World of Narrow-Mindedness or Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Niggers, Honkies, and Kikes.

The idea of race, particularly the notion that humans come in different genetic breeds and might reproduce characteristics of different temperamental, intellectual, and physical quality, stands perhaps as the ultimate modern heresy. Those who'd like to corral us all together and control us for their own benefit have a vested interest in convincing us that we're all equal, but I remain unconvinced. Every stereotype, every slur, every sick cartoon, and every eugenic theory they thought they'd safely eradicated will be crammed within these pages. A veritable race war will take place before your very eyes. Naturally, I will be demonized for this far beyond whatever vilification I've already endured, but I can handle it. One day, maybe when we're all dead, your descendants will thank me.